Thursday, August 31, 2017

George turns 4, solar eclipse and California trip

Like wow ... August is over.  It was a blur. Here are some of the events that shaped August.

Samantha, Jake and the kids came to Kansas just in time for George's 4th birthday. We threw him a party,
hung out at the pool,

and ate chocolate ice cream.

The solar eclipse was on August 21st. Lucky  for us, the path of totality (100% coverage) was not far away. While Helen was content with 99.3% coverage in Topeka, the rest of us gathered Dad and journeyed to the path of 100% totality. It was amazing.

As it ends up, the sun is REALLY bright. It is so bright that there is a SIGNIFICANT difference between 99.3% coverage and 100% coverage. Who knew?

While Jake needed to fly home, Samantha and the kids hung around. It was a blast to have them here.

In fact, it was so much fun to be with them that we followed them back to California.

Helen and I zipped around the peninsula in a snazzy Mustang convertible

and went to George's other Birthday Party ... this one with a Super Hero theme in Menlo Park.
We also visited Samantha's new office space in Palo Alto

and accompanied Samantha and Jake to dinner on their 7th Wedding Anniversary.
We returned home just in time to welcome Andy, Donna, Hope, SACII and Cheryl to town. More about that later.

Monday, August 07, 2017

Golf IS a dangerous sport

While waiting to tee off on the 17th tee yesterday, my good friend Phillip was struck in the head by an errant golf ball hit from the 12th tee. (Top of photo below.) The tee shot was waaaaaay to the right of the golfer's target - which is the green in the extreme lower right corner of the photo below.
Phillip, standing at the 588 foot spot, was knocked over from the impact. Although he never lost consciousness, his head bled profusely. I took him to the Emergency Room where they used 5 giant staples to close the wound.
As it ends up, golf IS a dangerous sport.