Saturday, November 19, 2016

Tony and Jamie get married in Denver

Congratulations to Tony and Jamie. With a relationship that might be described as the perfect fit, Tony and Jamie got married in Denver on November 12th. They allowed me the honor of serving as their unofficial officiant.
It was a beautiful wedding.
Tony and Jamie are so happy.
The party afterwards was a total hoot.

This fun event brought the California family to Denver where we all shared an old Victorian house in the hip and funky Baker District.
We arrrived early which gave us time to hang out and have fun. We got to have a quickie dinner with Philipp and Nica. (So sorry to have missed the photo opt with Nica.)
There was a visit to Boulder.
Some boulder climbing in Boulder.
Some electronic story telling.
Some song singing.
Some tower building ... and crashing.
Some dancing.
Some intense art work at the Children's Museum.
Some swinging.
Some sliding.
Some Denver cultural education.
And, of course, some golf.
Mega thanks to Tony and Jamie for allowing us to join the fun. We had a blast.
So did Jake and Samantha.

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