Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Elms Hotel and Spa

The Elms Hotel and Spa is a funky old place located in Excelsior Springs, MissouriBuilt on a reputation of healing mineral springs in the 1920s, it flourished until the 1960s when critics discredited the medicinal powers of the natural waters. The next several decades were tough on The Elms Hotel, and the entire town. Our visits there in the 1980s saw a shabby Elms Hotel in the middle of a semi-ghost town.

Hearing that both had rebounded, we tried again. While it is still funky, The Elms Hotel and Spa is in excellent condition and offers a wonderful resort-like escape.

Excelsior Springs is recovering as well. There are fun and tasty restaurants, tons of odd-ball shops and two live theaters. The once magnificent Mayan Revival art deco Hall of Waters is being restored too. It is a piece of art in itself. It features the World's Longest Water Bar (no kidding) and also provides a historic walk-through of the glory days of Excelsior Springs.

Relaxation and healing - a formula offered by The Elms Hotel and Excelsior Springs. And, one we gratefully welcome after these last couple of months.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Tag Sale

The home at 207 SW Broadmoor has served as the repository of Gardner and Janssen family possessions for more than 62 years.  Covering 6 generations spread over 2 continents, some are heirlooms dating back to 1823. Some are mere curios. Changing circumstances sometimes requires difficult decisions.  With irreversible finality, family history was distributed to hundreds of new homes during this weekend's tag sale.

207 Broadmoor still stands strong and proud, but poignantly void of the thousands of memories it so valiantly preserved.