Saturday, February 27, 2016

Hello Little Black Honda

Yesterday, the Lawrence Police Department found Libby abandoned near the corner of 6th and Indiana Streets in Lawrence. When I arrived at the impound lot, this is what I saw:
I'm not sure where she's been for the last couple of weeks but, due to the sunscreen she's wearing, Samantha suspects that she's been vacationing somewhere warm and sunny.

Welcome home, Libby.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Ruth Crow dies - February 14, 2016

After a 9 year battle with Alzheimer's Disease, Ruth Crow died peacefully at home surrounded by family on Valentine's Day 2016. Here is a photo of her from 1963.

I love you, Mother.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Goodbye Little Black Honda

In 2007 we bought a 1999 Honda Civic 5-speed.
 It was used by several foreign exchange students, friends and family. Due to its front-wheel drive, I often drove it in the ice and snow. Besides, driving the standard transmission was kinda fun. Over the years, it was driven by Philipp, Jorge, Harald, Jake, Monica, Jonas, Ryan (who named her Libby), Mark and Steve. Libby was great. She delivered more than one Christmas tree
 and because her back seat folded flat, she was great for hauling stuff around. Anyway, last Tuesday night she disappeared from our driveway.  Yep, when I returned home from the KU basketball game, she was gone.

I like to think that Libby is now being used to drive around the sick and elderly. Or to deliver food to shut-ins. Or maybe just having a vacation somewhere exotic. Well, it could be true.

Thanks, Libby. Goodbye.