Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas 2016

The 2016 Christmas Holiday included family from 4 states, girls on trampolines, shooter arcade games, caroling, a massive gift exchange, Hanukkah candles, a million calories and most importantly ... lots of love and laughter. It is impossible to do it justice here.
Despite the joy of being together, we missed Melissa, Roby, Anna and Camden. It was also our first Christmas without Mother. We missed her desperately.

Stay tuned for more photos - they are being developed.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

International Desserts 2016

Earlier this month, we hosted the annual AFS International Desserts party. Having hosted this party since 1998, we have been able to meet hundreds of smart, ambitious and adventurous high school students from all over the world. As in the past, the students bring a treat that is commonly enjoyed in their country ....

and talk about one of their Holiday traditions.
These kids are great.
France, Ghana, Finland, Germany, Japan, Italy and China were represented. We like to think it helps bring the world closer together.

Thursday, December 08, 2016

Medicare Health Insurance

With neither pomp nor circumstance, last week I received in the mail my MEDICARE HEALTH INSURANCE card.

While understated in appearance, it is the exact opposite in impact. Like wow, am I really old enough to have one of these? I thought these were for the elderly and the retired. This will need to soak in for a while. In the meantime, I need to get back to work.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

Can you say quiet
Can you say really quiet
Then you can understand our Thanksgiving weekend. Helen and I had a quiet Thanksgiving lunch with Dad, Oma and Carolyn at Aldersgate Village.
The next 3 days Helen and I did - NOTHING! 
It was great.

Now, magically transport yourself 1400 miles west to join Beth and the other 4 Quists as they explore beautiful Yosemite National Park. They stayed in the Yosemite Lodge and had big outdoor adventures.
When they returned home, the younger Qs continued their outdoor adventures by Christmas tree shopping.
It looked like they had big fun.
I know we did.
Happy Thanksgiving 2016.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Tony and Jamie get married in Denver

Congratulations to Tony and Jamie. With a relationship that might be described as the perfect fit, Tony and Jamie got married in Denver on November 12th. They allowed me the honor of serving as their unofficial officiant.
It was a beautiful wedding.
Tony and Jamie are so happy.
The party afterwards was a total hoot.

This fun event brought the California family to Denver where we all shared an old Victorian house in the hip and funky Baker District.
We arrrived early which gave us time to hang out and have fun. We got to have a quickie dinner with Philipp and Nica. (So sorry to have missed the photo opt with Nica.)
There was a visit to Boulder.
Some boulder climbing in Boulder.
Some electronic story telling.
Some song singing.
Some tower building ... and crashing.
Some dancing.
Some intense art work at the Children's Museum.
Some swinging.
Some sliding.
Some Denver cultural education.
And, of course, some golf.
Mega thanks to Tony and Jamie for allowing us to join the fun. We had a blast.
So did Jake and Samantha.

Monday, November 07, 2016

Halloween 2016

Halloween 2016 was a hoot. Our house is commonly visited by foreign exchange students who are experiencing their first American Halloween. This year was no exception. Here are some spirited college-age Trick or Treaters from Japan:
Aunt Nancy joined us for the first time. Her efforts to save the punctured pumpkin were valiant, but futile.
Her treat distribution technique did not reveal her novice status. In fact, all DVs (Distribution Volunteers) displayed the skill and endurance necessary to hand out 2,000 +/- treats. Monster thanks to Nancy, Bobby (and his rescue greyhound, Molly), Paul, Toni, Rhiana, Lynn and Dad.
Oh yes, Salome's two sons helped too. Thanks to all. We could not do it without you.
Happy Halloween 2016.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Samantha turns 36

For years, my parents told me that it was easier for them to accept their ages than to accept mine. Now I get it. Last week Samantha turned 36. THIRTY-SIX!?!  No, I am waaaaaay too young to be the parent of a 36 year old. Judging from the binary code blaze on the cake, maybe not.
We traveled to California to see for ourselves. Our trip was a total blast. It included pumpkin patch adventures,
some nice walks,
some yummy ice cream that was Nitrogen frozen in front of us 
and some nice dinners together.
Happy Birthday, Samantha.
We are very proud of you and your 36 years.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Jorge, New York and Hamilton

In the Summer of 2007, Jorge left Paraguay for Topeka to attend Washburn University. He lived with us for 2 years. He studied hard and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Washburn in 2011.
 After graduation, Jorge moved to New York. Now, five years later, we went to see him. He and Aaron hosted us in their chic West Village co-op.

We did some exploring,
met some fun characters at Times Square,
saw The Book of Mormon
and took Jorge to see ... wait for it ... Hamilton. 
New York City is truly amazing.
Thanks, Jorge.
Thanks, New York.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Greenwood sidewalk

After 35 years of living with a hodge-podge back sidewalk comprised of 3 different materials ...
we decided to replace it.
We wonder why we waited so long.

Monday, August 29, 2016

50 years ago at Lake Wabaunsee

This wonderful photo of my parents was taken approximately 50 years ago, presumably at Lake Wabaunesee where my parents owned a very simple and rustic cabin.
Despite its cosmetic flaws, I love it. To me, it shows a deep love and genuine friendship that endured until my mother's death. It also shows a peace and comfort with each other that is truly special. Thanks to my old friend, Bruce, for posting it recently on Facebook. It is a treasure.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

George turns 3

Nancy, Helen, Dad and I flew to California for George's 3rd Birthday.
Before the family party, we had lunch at Half Moon Bay 
and spit in the Pacific Ocean.
The family birthday party was a blast.
George does love his trains.
Unfortunately, the airplane ride and/or all of the excitement resulted in Dad suffering a couple of minor episodes of slurred speech. Based on brother Sam's advice, I took Dad to the Stanford Medical Center for observation and evaluation. 

George's birthday party was the next day.
George and his buddies seemed to love the farm-like setting and the yummy cake and cup cakes. He even created a special posed setting for himself and his Komah amongst the trees.
 George's 3rd birthday party was reportedly a huge success.

With a preliminary diagnosis of TIAs (transient ischemic attacks), Dad and I left the hospital later that day - both of us somewhat shaken and unsteady. Dad decided that he could not endure the airplane ride home so I made arrangements to drive him home.

Even so, the fun visit continued. Milk shakes and soda fountains have always been popular in our family so a visit to the Creamery was high on the agenda.
 Dad gave Aria some pointers about both.
He also helped George learn a new tune.
Nancy and Helen returned as scheduled but Dad and I drove to Fisherman's Wharf where we ate Clam Chowder as he reminisced about his trips there with Mother.
Brother Sam decided to join us for the road trip home. We picked him up at SFO
and took him to Samantha's and Jake's for a good-bye dinner and a 4-generation photo.
The 3-day road trip home was a total hoot. From a Nevada casino
to a favorite Mexican Restaurant in Park City
to hours in the car together, the trip was very special.
Happy 3rd Birthday, George. I'll never forget it.