Monday, October 06, 2014


Earlier this year, a golfing buddy of mine attended a charity auction where ... after a glass of wine or two ... he bought a weekend gambling and golfing package at the Indigo Sky Casino located in NE Oklahoma. Not wanting to stick him with the entire bill, late last month several of us decided to pitch in and help. Gambling isn't my deal but WOW, the golfing experience was fantastic. The Shangri-La Golf Course alone was worth the trip.
(A hole with a fire hydrant next to the green. Really?)

(A finishing hole with a double waterfall and double greens. Very cool.)

The weather was perfect, the camaraderie was great and the trip was a blast. 

Interestingly, the trip home included a strange and unexpected adventure. Our GPS took us through Picher, Oklahoma, an abandoned mining town that is contaminated due (in part) to the toxic metal tailings (chat) that are heaped all over town. Chat is the byproduct of zinc and lead mining.
There are also giant sink holes caused by the mining.
It all makes for a very eerie panorama.
Click here for a short (albeit overly dramatized) video about the Most Toxic Town in America. 

From rolling green fairways to mountains of toxic chat, my trip to Oklahoma was one of amazing extremes.