Thursday, August 21, 2014

George turns 1

A couple of days ago George turned one year old. Unfortunately, we were not able to be with him. Fortunately, we received some fun George action photos.

While George apparently gets this birthday present thing, I'm not sure he gets this birthday cake thing.

Happy Birthday to sweet George.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Tony and Jamie visit

While in college, Samantha made friends with Tony
when they worked together on FLiCKS ... the Sunday night movie shown at Stanford's Memorial Auditorium. They have been good buds ever since. In fact, Tony has become a de facto member of our family. We get together with Tony whenever we can. Raft trip in Colorado. Golf & baseball trip in Omaha. Basketball game in Boulder. Multiple 4th of July celebrations in Topeka. And oh yes ... Samantha's and Jake's wedding.

can't even count all the times we've gotten together with Tony. Whatever the number ... it is not enough. So, this weekend was special when Tony came from Denver to visit and brought Jamie, who carries the official title of "girlfriend." 

Jamie is so cool. Besides being beautiful and charming, she is fun and interesting. Besides that, she is an engineer ... just like Tony. Beside that ... she loves to play golf. Score!

It was great fun to hang out with Jamie and Tony.

Good job, Tony. You just hit the perfect Trifecta.