Thursday, March 13, 2014

Mario, Ana Maria and George

In 1998, Samantha went to Buenos Aires, Argentina, as part of a summer AFS exchange program. She was super lucky to be assigned to a wonderful host family consisting of Mario and Ana Maria as well as their 3 fun and interesting children. Here is 16 year old Samantha with Mario, Ana Maria, their youngest daughter Daniela (Dany) and Ana Maria's mother. Samantha instantly loved this family.
We visited them in Buenos Aires in 2001 
and hosted Dany at our house in 2002 and again in 2008. Ana Maria, Mario and Dany all came to Samantha's and Jake's wedding in 2010. Yes, we love this family too.

Last weekend, Ana Maria and Mario traveled to California to meet George. It was the beginning leg of their multi-week US tour. We decided to join them. We showed them San Francisco touristy things
and introduced them to some of our new California friends.

Oh yes, it was fun to see Samantha and Jake too. We even got to have dinner with Beth. But George stole the show. Crawling backwards is his current favorite trick.
Here's wishing happy and safe travels to our dear friends from Argentina
and cheers to old friends, new friends, international travel and of course ... to George.