Thursday, January 30, 2014

Crow Folks' 66th wedding anniversary

Today my dear parents celebrated their 66th wedding anniversary. They were married on January 30, 1948.
Sixty-six years later, they are still holding hands and smiling. They are the best!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Lee Offill visits

Through a series of quirky circumstances, and incredible good luck, in May of 2006 we met a 15 year-old boy from Wichita named Lee Offill. Lee had won a statewide competition in computer technology sponsored by the division of information technology for the State of Kansas. The prize was a paid summer internship. It was clearly designed for college students. The good people at the State were very surprised to learn that their prize winner was a mere 15 years old. In fact, they wouldn't allow Lee to start his internship until he turned 16. In a flashback to 2006, here is Lee as we helped him celebrate his 16th birthday.
Lee (and his then girlfriend, Madison) joined us for 4th of July activities in 2006
 introduced us to his sister, Ruthe, over the 2006 Christmas Holiday
and again joined us for the 4th of July in 2007
even though he was living in Oregon at the time. 

Now ... flash forward more than 6 years to last weekend when Lee visited us from Oregon. He brought along two friends from his early high schools days at Wichita East High School, Sydne and Sarah.
Lee is doing great. He has an interesting job and interesting friends. Thanks, Lee for taking time to come see us.

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Anniversary trip to see George + Goodbye Kina

For the last several years, Helen and I have celebrated our wedding anniversaries by traveling south, lounging around on sandy beaches and watching the sun set. This year, we celebrated our 37th wedding anniversary by traveling west, lounging around in a comfy cottage and watching George dance.

Thanks to the generosity of the Holmes family, we were treated to the perfect cottage hideaway in Hillsborough.

While there, we followed George and his parents on a hike through the redwoods
and witnessed a nice sunset at Half Moon Bay.

But mostly, we just hung out and played with George.

No doubt, it was an Anniversary trip fit for Grandparents.
Happy Anniversary, Helen.

When we returned home, we had the sad task of taking Katharina to the airport for her return trip to Germany.
Thank you, Kina for visiting. We miss you already.