Saturday, September 28, 2013

Google Shopping Express

While visiting George this weekend, I had a chance to glimpse into the world of our Silicon Valley family. Need some Miracle Whip? Enter Google Shopping Express. Order it online late Friday night and have it delivered to your door Saturday morning ... for free.
Yep, delivered by an attractive young lady with a contagious smile, the $2.99 jar of Miracle Whip arrives in perfect condition. It's easy as easier than pie. 

A couple of hours later, a $3.99 jar of organic strawberry preserves arrives from Google Express in very snazzy packaging.  

How can this be a successful business model? Sure, it's Google but even so ... how can this be profitable or efficient? How can they hire the people to create the computer system, hire the people to do the shopping, buy and insure the delivery vehicles, design and purchase the packaging, hire the delivery people and deliver the product for free? OK, Samantha says that it will ultimately cost $79 a year for unlimited delivery. Even so, isn't it super inefficient? Isn't it a total waste of natural resources? Isn't it an environmental disaster?

All of that aside, I love it. Thanks, Google.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Ryan moves in

A few months ago, Helen was contacted by Irv Holmes, a total stranger who called her after Googling "Best Topeka Realtor."  He was looking for a place for his son to stay for 10 weeks while he was here in Topeka. Ryan, a senior at Northwestern University, needed an internship for his journalism degree and had just secured it at WIBW TV. But, Ryan needed a place to stay. Understanding that apartments are hard to find for that time period, Helen and I considered inviting Ryan to stay with us. However, the demands at work and the Bambino distraction made us decide against it.

Enter total strangers Emily and Dave Liggett. When we were looking for a peaceful place to stay during George's birth, Dave and Emily warmly opened up their hearts, and their home, to us. Their generosity instantly inspired us to open our home to Ryan. He moved in last Saturday. Today was Ryan's first day at work. Here he is at the end of the day:
Ryan said his initial adventure at WIBW was a blast. He traveled with their sports team to Lawrence where the KU Basketball team was having Media Day. Ryan filmed the players as they shot around at Allen Fieldhouse. He then edited the film and was home in time to watch it on the 10 o'clock news. It was very cool.

Now ... The Rest of the Story. Ryan and his family happen to live in Burlingame, California. The Liggetts live in Atherton. Samantha, Jake and George live in Menlo Park. All cities are on the San Francisco peninsula and all are within 25 minutes of each other. When we were there for George's birth, we got to meet Ryan's parents, Irv and Kathy Holmes, when they hosted the Liggetts and us for a wonderful lunch. Oh yes ... the youngest Liggett son is a freshman at Northwestern University this fall. No doubt, we are all meant to be friends.

Congratulations, Ryan on a successful first day at work. It will be a fun and interesting 10 weeks.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ron and Evalyn - 25 years ago

25 years ago Ron and Evalyn got married on the Rock Garden Bridge in Gage Park. Their wedding reception was at our house. Here is a formal photo from that day.

25 years later we gathered on the Rock Garden Bridge to celebrate this marriage milestone. We had a casual picnic and took this very informal self-photo.

Congratulations, Ron and Evalyn on your 25th Wedding Anniversary. Thank you for letting us be a part of this special day.

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Daily George

Thanks to FaceTime and Google Hangouts we have been able to see and talk with George via video chats. Samantha and Jake are also providing Photo Stream versions of their favorite George photos. They are even electronically publishing The Daily George where photos are added on a daily basis. Here are a few of my favorites over the last couple of weeks.
Here is a fun video of Squeaky George:

And here is my little girl walking George earlier today.
(Hey Samantha ... that is a total waste of a perfectly good cup holder.)

No, FaceTime and The Daily George are not as good as being there, but I'm very grateful to the Internet.
Thank you, Al Gore.

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Goodbye Annika

After we dashed off to California last month for George's BIRTHday, Annika moved to the loving home of Nancy and Michael. Mega thanks to them for being such great host parents. Annika never had it that good here.
On our Labor Day return to Kansas, we whisked Annika away for her return flight to Germany.
Thanks, Annika, for being so much fun. I hope that your brief visit to the USA was worthwhile. There is no doubt that your English skills improved dramatically. I am sorry that we were so distracted while you were here.
Auf Wiedersehen.

Monday, September 02, 2013

George and more George

The first 2 weeks:
Little Jake .... I mean George, is an excellent sleeper.