Sunday, July 28, 2013

Annika - Bishops Hall - Fort Sheridan

Thursday we flew to Chicago to meet Annika .... one of Helen's cousins from Cologne, Germany who is staying with us for a month.  I first met Annika at the German family gathering in Cologne last August.  Annika is in the middle of the back row with the beautiful long wavy hair.
(Flashback photo from August 2012)

We arrived a day before Annika's flight and stayed in Oak Park, a Chicago suburb we'd previously visited with Samantha to tour the Frank Lloyd Wright home and studio.  Helen found a Bed and Breakfast there called Bishops Hall. It was wonderful and possibly worth a trip itself.  

We also had time to visit old historic Fort Sheridan, a closed army post that had been the Crow Family summer destination for many summers during my childhood.  Dad was in the Army Reserve and his summer active duty was commonly at Fort Sheridan.  Memories flooded back as we drove past the Tower and the former parade grounds and golf course ... where I learned to play golf.  Due to the nasty weather, I was only able to snap a couple of rainy day photos.

We arrived at the airport to greet Annika.  Actually, she found us.  Together, we flew to Kansas City and then drove home to Topeka.
Annika is wonderful.  Only 15 years old but full of enthusiasm and the spirit of adventure.  Welcome, Annika, to the USA and to Kansas.  This is going to be fun.

P.S. This weekend held another trip down memory lane for me.  I visited Lake Wabaunsee where my parents had a weekend cabin for years.  I even played the Wabaunsee Pines golf course which was carved out of the scenic Kansas Flint Hills by a dedicated group of volunteers.  
It was a blast.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Helen goes to California - surprise Bambino Shower

Displaying great organizational skills, Samantha's good friend Mayumi was able to plan and execute a surprise baby shower for Bambino.  Helen and Beth were a part of the conspiracy.  A whole bunch of well-wishers attended.  Here are a few of the happy photos Helen brought home.
With host, and dear friend, Mayumi.

With the fun, and always interesting, Beth.

With college roommate, and also very pregnant, Tamar.

Happy Bambino Shower.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Katie & Billy pre-wedding party

In August, our good friends Glenn and Mary are off to Lake Tahoe for their lovely daughter Katie's wedding to a really great guy, Billy Hutchens.
Since we will be Bambino Busy, Helen teamed up with Sionoi, Katie's second mother, to throw a pre-wedding dinner and dance party in our back yard for the those unable to attend the wedding itself.  
Sionoi made a banner just for Katie.
There was good food,
 a great blend of music,
fun dancing, 
and heartfelt speeches.  
People smiled
and hugged.
I even got to meet and have dinner with KU Basketball legend Bud Stallworth.  Please notice that I look taller than Bud.
It was a blast!
And Katie and Billy look very happy.
Congratulations, Billy.
Best wishes, Katie.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

July 4th weekend + Bambino Shower

July 4, 2013, brought a weekend full of smiles.  Samantha and Jake came from California
while Andy, Hope and Donna came from Springfield
and Tony drove in from Denver.
The Gs were with us
and Cheryl and Melissa joined as for a while too.
Aunt Nancy and Heidi joined us briefly but not long enough for me to snap any pictures.  Brother Sam was on call and unable to join us.  Bummer.

The Potwin 4th of July Parade brought horses to our house for Dad to touch and smell.
Glenn and Mary joined us for the Pot Luck Dinner ... 
 as did a whole bunch of other people.

Friday morning was Potwin Plays Golf where the team of Quist, Gonzalez, Crow and Crow captured a Silver Medal. 
The Friday night Potwin Porch Crawl allowed us to porch-hop while tasting an interesting variety of exotic drinks (Blue Hawaiians, Beer-ritas and Watermelon vodkas to name a few) all served in souvenir patriotic mugs.

Oh yes ... I was sworn to secrecy for so long that I failed to mention the really big news ... Samantha is pregnant!  Named Bambino for now, Baby Boy Quist is due in 6 weeks.  I talked sports with him and felt his backswing.
Helen communicated using a different technique.
Cheryl, Melissa and Donna hosted a Bambino Shower Saturday morning.   Apparently they had lots of fun.

 The 5 guys + Hope went cowboy boot shopping for Jake and TV shopping for Dad.  
We conquered.

Thinking that Jake might have an interest in cattle ranching, we visited Helen's friends, Bill and Kathy Hogue, and their herd of Angus cows ... and these 3 big bulls ...
at Mission Valley Ranch.  In addition to developing housing subdivisions in Topeka, the Hogues serve as advocates for historic preservation and stewards for the scenic Kansas Flint Hills.  Their stone fences are a prime example of pride and craftsmanship while doubling as magnificent works of art. 
Their restoration projects at Stonebridge will leave a legacy. 
Thanks, Bill and Kathy for making a difference.

Unfortunately, our 4th of July weekend had to end.  Thanks to all who joined us and for bringing your handsome smiles to our world.
We look forward to meeting Bambino soon.