Sunday, April 28, 2013

Nile turns 60 - Crow dinner party - THS after prom

Friday was Nile's 60th birthday.  I have know Nile since he was 4.   We grew up across the alley from each other and we still hang out together.  We do golf trips and have lunch almost every Friday.  Old friends are special.  Here is a picture of Nile's 60th birthday party.  Nile is the old guy in the middle with his pretty wife, Kate, on his lap.  Happy 60th birthday to my dear friend, Nile.
Saturday night we hosted good friends for a soup and salad dinner.   We love these guys.  The dessert was beautiful and we all wanted our picture taken with this multi-layer masterpiece.  No, Helen didn't make it.
A little before midnight, we went to Topeka High School to serve as volunteers for the after prom party.  The parents' Booster Club hosts this magnificent party designed to keep students entertained and safe.  The parents transform the school into a themed fantasyland
where carnival games
casino games
food and assorted prizes are free and plentiful.  Those students who stayed until the end ... about 4 am ... had a chance to win expensive electronics or other snazzy prizes.  At that point, most students were ready to call it a night.  We sure were.  

Mega kudos to the parents who raised tens of thousands of dollars and donated thousands of hours to provide this safe and fun environment for their kids.  Kudos also to the parents who help make Prom itself affordable by providing super-discounted prom dresses at the Topeka High School Prom Closet.  We are proud to remain associated with this great school.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

$2 bill from Dad

Many years ago (I cannot remember how many) Dad gave me this $2 bill as a good luck charm.  
I have carried it every day since.  Thanks, Dad.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sports Day Trifecta

Last Monday was the Dan Crow Sports Day Trifecta.  I met some golfing buddies at the very interesting WinterStone Golf Club in Kansas City.  The story is that every day at 3 pm, golfers will hear and feel a rumbling from underground as miners blast the limestone nearby that will be hauled out of the ground for processing.
Before Thunder Time began, we left WinterStone and proceeded to Kaufman Stadium to watch the Kansas City Royals rally from behind to win their Home Opener.  As you can see, our seats were in the nose-bleed section but even so, it was great fun.
 The day ended with the NCAA Men's National Championship basketball game.

Even though I had no dog in the fight, it was a great game and the perfect ending to the Sports Day Trifecta.