Thursday, February 28, 2013

Trip to California - Blizzard of Oz

Our plan to go see Samantha and Jake was delayed by the Blizzard of Oz of February 21st.  While it completely shut down airline travel for a couple for days, our reward was its beautiful aftermath.

When we got to California two days later, we not only got to see Samantha and Jake, we also got to see Beth and meet her sister, Laura, who was visiting from Utah.  (Sorry, no photos.)  

We had all kinds of fun.  During a short shopping expedition, startled store customers were treated to Helen's impromptu demonstration of her 50 years of Hula Hoop experience.  Bravo, Helen.
Samantha and I smiled all the way through the estimated 1100 calories of our "real deal" malts ...
from the Palo Alto Creamery Fountain & Grill.  The bakery is fabulous but the soda fountain is a masterpiece.  Instead of numbers, the clock has big red letters that read EAT AND GET OUT.  I absolutely love this place.

The day before our return flight, The Blizzard of Oz II swept into Kansas delaying our return trip by a couple of days.  Lucky for us, that allowed us to hang out even longer with Samantha and Jake.  No, it wasn't always this exciting ... 
but did include a trip to San Francisco to see Jake's new Zillabyte offices at 188 King Street.  Located on the Penthouse level, Zillabyte even has a giant balcony with a nice view of the city.
Jake's office is extra cool as it is located immediately across the street from AT&T Park
the home of the World Champion San Francisco Giants.
(You're welcome, Tony.)  

Mega thanks to Samantha and Jake for being such great hosts.
We had a blast!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Goodbye Tom - Hello Tom and Andrea

In 1987, north across 3rd Street from our house stood the old Munn Addition of the Jane C. Stormont Hospital.  Interestingly, Dad had worked (and lived) there for a short time in High School while Mother received her nurses training there in the 1940s.   It had been abandoned and neglected for years.  Amidst talk of using it as a half-way house or low income apartments, Tom Woltkamp saved the day by buying it, razing it ...

and building his house on the corner.

For the past 25 years, we have enjoyed being neighbors to Tom and his entire family ...

Last week, Tom moved.
Life will not be the same.  Thank you, Tom for being such a great neighbor.  I miss you already.  

In Tom's place, we have a new Tom.  Yep, Tom and Andrea ... and their 3 darling daughters ... moved in last weekend.
This is going to be fun.