Thursday, September 13, 2012

George Robert Quist dies

On September 6, 2012, George Robert Quist died from causes incident to old age.
He was in his 92nd year.
We joined Jake and Samantha in Salt Lake City to attend services and to show our respect.  George Quist was legendary.  His astute business intuition combined with his dedicated work ethic resulted in the creation of Security National Financial Corp., a multi-faceted company doing business in 40 states.  

We only knew him as Grandpa George.  We first met him at Samantha's and Jake's wedding in 2010 when Granddad Crow and Grandpa George instantly bonded like mischievous little boys.
To us, Grandpa George was a loving and distinguished patriarch who exuded joy.  We will miss his warm smile and firm hand shake.  But mostly, we will miss how he cherished family and loved life.  In that spirit, we move on ...
to live, love and laugh another day.

Thanks, Grandpa George for touching our lives in so many positive ways.
Peace be with you.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Another check from Google

My You Tube video of Cat Protects Old Dog continues to grow in popularity.

At more than 422,000 views, its popularity makes me money.  While probably not a viable retirement plan, 6 months after receiving my first check, I have now received my second.
Who knew that my cheap-o Blackberry video would bring so much fun to so many people?  
Keep watching.