Sunday, April 15, 2012

Thirsty Crow Beer

Way back in March of 2012, the Crow Brewing Company (CBC) was formed.  Some of you may have read about it.  Today, CBC introduced its first product: 
Thirsty Crow Beer.  
Amidst much Hoopla, the first bottle was cracked open earlier today by the Senior Brewmaster.
After checking for proper color and clarity ...
the lucky Hoopla attendees were treated to the first pleasurable sips of Thirsty Crow Beer.  

Compliments immediately flowed throughout  the festive atmosphere.  Laudatory comments included ... "Hey, it's not as bad as I thought it would be!" and "Holy Moly, it doesn't totally suck."  The Brewmasters gloated.

For now, the surviving bottles of the prized first batch are safely stored incognito.
No doubt, Thirsty Crow Beer dwarfs the competition.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Kansas City Mormon Temple

Yesterday afternoon Helen and I drove to Kansas City to tour the new Kansas City Mormon Temple.
Open to the public for only a short time, it is then closed to visiters.  Here are some of the rooms we toured:

The baptismal font.

An ordinance room depicting life on earth after creation. 

A sealing room for wedding ceremonies.

The Celestial Room.
(all photos courtesy of the www)

We were inspired by the friendly nature of our hosts and awestruck by the quality of the construction.
Many thanks to our many hosts.

From there, we decided to treat ourselves to a nice dinner at Cafe Trio.
Yum .. their pistachio encrusted tilapia is the best!

Monday, April 09, 2012

Easter Sunday Peeps

Our neighborhood Easter Celebration has always been fun.  Little kids hunt for Easter eggs while the grown-ups get to eat good stuff.   It is not uncommon for us to include newbies and this year was no exception.

Recently, the Easter Tradition has grown to include a Peep Contest.  Entries are from both kids and adults.

This year we had 
(complete with streaming music) 


But my personal favorite was 
Not to be confused with The World Famous Topeka Zoo.

Lucky for us, we got to see real Peeps too like Aunt Nancy and Granny & Granddad.
Happy Easter 2012.