Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Topekans

Helen's job allows her an opportunity to meet all kinds of interesting people as they move to Topeka.  She loves it.  Last weekend Helen organized a dinner party for people who had moved to Topeka in 2011.  The New Topekans' Dinner Party included people from Florida, New York, Colorado, Iowa and Arizona.  It was fun.
Welcome to Topeka.

Monday, January 23, 2012

60 years old ....

With the help of family and friends, last Friday I celebrated my 60th birthday.  Let me say that again ...

Apparently 60 is the universal pivot point of the downhill slide as the day before my birthday, I got this solicitation in the mail:
Shrugging this off, my loving family took me to The North Star for a good old fashioned Kansas steak dinner.  
It was great.
I'll let you know about the Funeral Assistance Program.
Until then ... I think 60 is a blast.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Oma turns 83

Tonight we helped Oma celebrate her 83rd birthday.  We had an extra nice visit reflecting on all the people Oma has touched in her life.  We could not count them all.  We celebrated with strawberry ice cream and yummy German chocolate.  Here is 83 year old Oma with her (almost 60 year old) daughter ....
and here is a flashback photo (circa 1989) of Oma as she's reads to Melissa and Samantha.
I think (?) Oma was about 60 years old in this photo.
Very interesting.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

35 years ... and counting

Thanks to SRQ and JRQ, we were able to spend our 35th wedding anniversary in exotic Nassau, the capital city of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas.  They provided us with 5 wonderful days at the Sheraton on Cable Beach.  Here is the view from our 9th floor balcony.
Can you say spectacular?

We arrived on January 1st and got to vicariously enjoy the annual Junkanoo celebration (a cross between Mardi Gras and Carnival) that started at midnight and ended at noon the next day.   Here is the parade at about 2 am.
 Groups of hundreds compete for prizes.  The competition is fierce.  As luck would have it, we got to witness the awards presentation (and celebration) at the City Park which was across the street from the The Fish Fry ... an eclectic collection of funky locally owned restaurants. We ate there twice and can strongly recommend Oh Andros where we made new friends
and ate the best Spicy Grilled Grouper (with peas and rice) ever!  The guava duff was spectacular too.  Oh yes, Helen is still talking about Sky Juice. 

We also walked historic downtown Nassau, visited the 214 year old public library (and museum) ...
gawked at massive cruise ships 
and walked the giant bridge to Paradise Island for a short visit to Atlantis.

But mostly, we got to enjoy the super friendly nature of the Bahamian people, soak up their culture ...

and do nothing ... except for enjoying each other and 35 years of marriage.
Happy Anniversary Helen.