Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Holiday 2011

Christmas 2011 got off to a swinging start when Dan and Helen Claus surprisingly showed up in our front yard.  
Somebody added Big Red Glasses on Helen Claus.
It is one more chapter in the ongoing spar with Nameless Neighbor who insists that our classic wreaths are inadequate Christmas decorations.  

Neighborhood mischief intensified when Nameless Neighbor's house of 8,614 blue bulbs was visited by the Red Bulb Vandal.  We thought about it, but didn't do it.

Family fun started when Mark and Daya arrived from Minnesota followed by Samantha and Jake flying in from California via Utah.  We sang Christmas Carols on the Circle ...
and spent hours wrapping Christmas presents.  This year we got to enjoy Jake Art on some of the packages.

Christmas Eve dinner was two ginormous pots of soup ... prepared by a svelte Mark ...
and a mega massive ham (named Pam) that was prepared by Chef Jacob.
(Photo courtesy of SRQ)

Andy, Donna, Baby Hope, the Gs, Nancy, SACII and Cheryl, Bev and Family, Carolyn, the Qs, Mark and Daya all joined us for Christmas Eve Dinner.
So did Abbie and Bobbie but they were too late for the group photo.  A fun time was had by all ...
but, Samantha's Cousinette Baby Hope stole the show.

Christmas morning Helen made California Eggs Crackle
as we waited for Melissa, Roby, Anna and Camden to arrive.   Then, we posed for our traditional group photo
and dug into the presents.
  It was a blast!  The girls followed our Guy Gift theme with Girl Bling 
and a crowd pleasing Hat Show.

Unfortunately, Oma and Nancy left before the photo shoot started but we did get the annual "kid" photo ...
and lots of other photos as well.

Merry Christmas 2011.

Happy New Year 2012.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

AFS and Christmas Tree

For the last 13 years, we have hosted the AFS Holiday Party.  As is the past, the high-schoolers told of a special holiday they celebrate at home and ... they brought a desert commonly enjoyed in their country.  Lucky for me, this year was a chocolate extravaganza!.
After considerable coaxing, they agreed to pose with their host brothers and/or sisters.  

Once SACII's birthday had passed ... it was OK to put up our Christmas tree.  With no Jonas to help, I selected a small table-top version this year.
It smells wonderful!

PS.  The Potwin neighborhood war wages on about Tommy and our wreaths.  More on that to follow.