Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mother's Birthday, Robins' Birthday, Father's Day

On June 13th, Mother turned 86 years old.  A few of us got together for dinner and hugs.  We love you Mother.
Several weeks ago Mr. and Mrs. Robin built a fancy nest on a downspout a mere 3 feet outside the Crow Family Room window. We've been watching the diligent parents sit on the eggs.
Presto ... babies are born.  Mom and Dad scurry around gathering bugs and worms. 
The babies grow super fast and now ... they are gone.  The nest is empty.  No more Robins at the Crow house.

Last weekend was Father's Day weekend.  Helen's work schedule was slammed so Jonas and I joined the Gs who were hanging out with SACII & Cheryl at their wonderful vacation condo on Table Rock Lake near Branson, Missouri.  The condo is super comfortable and the view from their deck is wonderful.
Donna, Anthony and Andy joined the fun too.
We toured Branson Landing, enjoyed a fancy dinner 
and breathtaking views on an excursion train,
shot some Zombies at The Castle of Chaos, rode go-carts (I'm the blur in front ... that's SACII behind me in the Hawaiian print shirt),
got Jonas a real Banana Split,
spent part of Father's Day on a boat
and got to spend some fun time with people we love.

Happy Mother's Birthday, Happy Robin's Birthday and Happy Father's Day.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Helen serves me ... and 9 others

Tonight Helen volunteered to serve as a celebrity waitress at Via's Pizza and donate all of her tips to Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Topeka.   Not willing to miss the opportunity to be waited on by Helen, I gathered family and friends to witness the event.
Everybody had a blast!
Unfortunately, we found big ugly flies in all of our drinks ... food, too.
Even so, it was great having Helen wait on me.
Helen did a really good job, too.
We tipped her very (very) well.

Saturday, June 04, 2011


Today is the day .... Cat protects old dog hits 100,000 views on You Tube.  No, its nothing compared to the views of a Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga video but hey, I was just walking the neighbors' dog when I decided to pull out my old BlackBerry and record the events.

You Tube even contacted me about allowing advertising on this video.  Amazing!  So, here is a screen shot showing the views and the advertising.

The neighbors are now insisting on a cut of the advertising revenues.  
Does anybody know a good lawyer?