Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

Today we celebrated the lives of people we love ...

and celebrated living with people we love.
Happy Memorial Day and thanks to all who have sacrificed for our freedom.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kelley gets married

Tonight we went to Kelley Van Sickle's wedding.  Memories flooded back as I watched Gregg walk his daughter down the aisle.  Gulp.
 Having survived a half-continent multi-month relationship, Kelley and Tommy are perfect together.
We laughed, danced, ate cupcakes and took a bunch of pictures ... including some of ourselves.
Oh yes ... we also found the photo booth and acted like 8 year olds.  I'm blaming Helen's friend Barbara.
It was fun.  Congratulations to Kelley and Tommy.

Good-bye Nickolai and Leticia

After months in Topeka, Nickolai and Leticia leave for home tomorrow morning.  We have enjoyed getting to know these young people and marvel at their talents and composure.  Last night we hosted a good-bye dinner for Nick and his parents ... who arrived from Norway to accompany him home (after stops in Florida, DC and New York).  Real parents, host parents, friends and adoptive host parents posed for this group photo:
Today, we kissed Leticia good-bye as she heads home to Panama.  Here she is with her host mother Marie.
We will miss you Nickolai and Leticia, but remember ... you have a home in Kansas.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Arkansas golf trip ...

Last week was my annual golf pilgrimage to Bella Vista, Arkansas.  The same old guys showed up ...
and despite some rain, lots of golf was played.  With 5 scenic golf courses within 15 minutes of each other ...
we had a blast!  Some of us even wore our shirts from the Children's Miracle Network Charity Golf Tournament
allowing us to say that ... we did it for the kids.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Graduation Day

Yesterday Jonas graduated from Topeka High School.  Here is a picture of him in his cap and gown:
and here is one of him with John and Martina at one of the many graduation parties he (we) attended.
Our friend Myriah also graduated from Topeka High School yesterday.  Here she is at her graduation party:
and with Helen and Miss Vickie:
Yesterday was also Graduation Day for Jorge.  He arrived in the USA from Paraguay in August of 2007 
(see blog post here) and lived with us for 2 years.  Yesterday, he graduated Summa Cum Laude from Washburn University with tons of departmental honors.  
He will start his job with Price Waterhouse in New York this Fall.  You've come a long way Jorge.

We are very proud of all the graduates.
Congratulations to them all!

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mother's Day, Dad's Birthday, Helen's Birthday, Mother's Day again

This weekend started on Thursday.  Samantha and Jake flew in from Boulder to help celebrate birthdays and Mother's Day.  We joined Oma for an early Mother's Day gathering and photo on Thursday night.
SAC II and Cheryl arrived to help celebrate Dad's 85th birthday on Friday at his office ...
followed by a giant birthday gala at the Circle S Ranch.  This event also marked Dad's 30th Anniversary on the Federal Bench.
 There was a fancy dinner, lively conversation, clever presentations by the Court Family linking Dad to the Queen Mother and Alice (of The Brady Bunch - and Dad's birthday buddy) and ending with a witty Jeopardy Game.  In addition to the entire Court Family, we were lucky to have Nancy, Roby, Melissa, Andy, Donna and Anthony join us as well.  Here is the family displaying their Jeopardy Game winnings ... a pocket-sized copy of the US Constitution.
After dinner we enjoyed s'mores by the campfire and learned that Andy and Donna are pregnant!  Here is the first photo of little Daniel Anthony Jacob Crow who is expected to arrive in early November:
The next day was Helen's birthday.  It was extra lazy and largely consisted of marathon "porch sitting" topped off by an excellent meal and giant (can you say humongous?) servings of Angel Food Cake and frozen strawberries.  Happy Birthday to my dear Helen.
 Today ... Mother's Day ... completed the weekend.  We had a fun and satisfying weekend filled with extra special people
wonderful mothers
and Happy Birthday people too.