Saturday, February 12, 2011

Giant Red Glasses

This recent dinner party at our house made me realize ... Helen's GIANT RED GLASSES are finally catching on.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Lesson learned ...

Monday afternoon I bought a new KANSAS sweatshirt just so I could wear it to the Kansas vs Missouri basketball game that night.  Known as the Border War, this rivalry is intense.  We don't like them and they don't like us ... haven't since before the Civil War.  It is the second oldest sports rivalry in the nation dating back to 1891.  Clint Eastwood understands it:

Even the Simpsons get it:
Anyway, I was pumped for the big game.  SRQ and JRQ had supplied me with the perfect shirt ...
... and now I had the perfect sweatshirt to go with it.  I rushed home and changed into my KANSAS t-shirt and was ready to don my new KANSAS sweatshirt when I noticed that the sales clerk had failed to remove the security tag.  You know, one of those heavy plastic 2-piece tags that is magically removed by the sales clerk before you leave the store.  With no time to return to the store before the game, I decided to pry apart the tag.  How tough could it be?  It was stubborn ... but I was winning.  It was a few seconds later that I noticed ... the tag is full of ink!  If you pull it apart ... red and purple ink comes gushing out.
 On closer inspection, it does provide a WARNING:
So, the lesson learned is this ... don't tamper with security tags.  They will stain your fingers and ruin your new KANSAS sweatshirt.  There is a happy ending.  Upon returning to the store, the clerk listened to my story, snickered slightly and happily exchanged my sweatshirt.

Happier yet .... KU pounded Missouri 103-86.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011


It is snowing.  It is beautiful.  It is expected to continue.  We are not alone.  A substantial portion of the country is being hit by a massive snow storm.  There is snow in Dallas.  Chicago is expecting 24 inches of snow and 50 mile per hour winds.   The storm is being referred to as Blizzard 2011, or the Snowpocalypse or my favorite .... a SnowNami.   All I know is this .... here in Kansas, there sure is a lot of difference between Fall colors
and Winter colors.
I hope you are safe and warm.