Sunday, August 15, 2010

Whew .... the last 4 weeks

The last 4 weeks have been a blur.  Let me summarize:

In late July, Helen and SRC joined Beth and pals in San Francisco for a girl pre-wedding Spa weekend.  By all accounts, it was FAB.  For more info and photos, click on either FAB Weekend in SF or Spa Shower Weekend.

On August 3rd, Phil arrived after finishing his internship at the United Nations.  Luckily, he'll be with us through August.  As always, it is great to have him here.  We consider him our German son.

A few days later, Samantha hosted a Bridette Party in Boulder.  Bridettes gathered from all over the country to fuss over the Bride-to-be.  They had a blast!  For details, click Bridettes Hit Boulder.

Since the Bridettes kicked Jake out of the apartment, I flew to Colorado to join Jake and Tony in a Golf and Raft weekend.  Below is a photo of Tony and Jake at Lakota Canyon Golf Course near New Castle, Colorado.  Jake played his first 18 holes ever and did great!  Tony played his best 18 holes ever.  The course was beautiful.
After spending the night in Aspen at the Frank Lloyd Wright inspired Hearthstone House, we crossed the Continental Divide at Independence Pass:
From there, it was 24 + hours of rafting and camping adventures down the Arkansas River and though Brown's Canyon.   It was a blast!   Jake took great pictures.  To see them, click Jake's Raft Pictures.
Here is the camp ground from the hills above.

Here is a timid example of the whitewater we encountered.

Here is our hearty rafting group and amazing guides.

We all returned home Sunday night.  The next day, Helen's cousin David Janssen (and wonderful Annette) arrived from Berlin.  Two days later, Helen's cousin Jonas Jaenicke arrived from Hamburg, Germany to live with us as he attends Topeka High School this fall.
David is on the left and Jonas is on the right.  Helen is the teeny, tiny one in the middle.
Here is David, Annette, Phil, Helen, Jonas and me. 

David and Annette left Friday and a friend of Phil's arrived Saturday.  A fellow student from the University of Mannheim, Moritz traveled from St. Louis (where he is enrolled as a PhD candidate at Washington University) to visit.  (Moritz is in the green shirt.) We hosted a "Welcome Jonas" pizza party.  A dozen large boys (young men) showed up to eat pizza.  Can you say multiple large pizzas?
As of today, we have 3 large German boys (men) living in our basement.  
I wonder what tomorrow will bring?