Sunday, July 18, 2010

Show Me Wedding

This weekend Helen and I traveled to the Show Me State to attend the wedding of Drew Fowler ... the son of our good friends Donna and Dewayne.  It just so happens that Columbia, Missouri, was also hosting the Show Me Games ... a state-wide amateur athletic competition.  The hotel was packed and athletes were everywhere.  Helen and I fit right in.  

Here are some Show Me wedding photos ...

And one of our friends.
Happy day.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Brothers and cars

Once upon a time there were 2 brothers.  Only 13 months apart in age, they were together all the time.  They did everything together.  They even dressed the same.

As it happens, the brothers grew up.  One became a doctor; one became a lawyer.  One was a gamer; one was a golfer.  One explored the world and lived in multiple places on 3 different continents.  The other stayed in their hometown and worked a mere 6 blocks from their childhood home.

One day (month actually)  both brothers decided to buy a new car.  One brother bought a sporty BMW 6-speed convertible.

The other bought a luxury 4 door Cadillac.

They no longer dress the same either.

The End

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Helen goes to New York

Along with our good friend Joni, Helen goes to New York and takes in 3 Broadway shows ... all musicals.  She is still singing her favorite tunes.  They also met up with Phil and got a behind-the-scenes tour of the UN.  Here are some of her iPhone photos.

Joni and Helen in Times Square.

Midnight view from the Empire State Building.

Phil on the floor at the UN.  

Helen had a blast and is ready to go back.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Soggy 4th of July

Samantha, Jake and Phil joining us was the only sunshine we saw this 4th of July.  Phil is doing a summer internship at the UN but opted to skip the New York celebrations and joined us in Kansas.  Sorry Phil ... it rained the entire weekend.  Monday too.  Despite the rainy weather ... the parade did go on.
We saw old friends ...
made some new ones ...
and got to enjoy our family.

While our Bocce Ball skills waned, our street dancing skills improved dramatically.
We also worked together to assemble the most awesome wedding invitation ever.
Oh yes, in the midst of it all ... we bought a new couch.  Our good friend Dick delivered it between the frequent rain storms.
While one of us took frequent naps to test it out, we're still trying to decide whether we like it.   Hmmmm ... what do you think?
We hope your 4th was sunny, fun and full of love.  Happy 4th from 5 soggy ... but happy ... celebrants in Kansas.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

The Pink Flamingo House

Helen recently sold a house to our good friends, Scott and Stephanie.  For obvious reasons, one of Stephanie's friends named it the Pink Flamingo House.  You can't ignore that.  But, what's a girl to do?  Well, if your name is Helen, you buy 50 (can you say 50?) Pink Flamingos.
Then, the night before Scott and Stephanie move in, you call the Midnight Flamingo Service and have them plant all 50 Pink Flamingos in the yard.  
Then, the next day you drive by and take pictures.
Scott and Stephanie need to find some better friends.