Sunday, April 25, 2010

John McCutcheon and David Sedaris

Friday night we met up with our good friends Mark and Kris at West Side Folk where we enjoyed another great folk concert.  This time it was John McCutcheon.  He played the banjo, autoharp, piano/keyboards, Hammer Dulcimer, guitar and more.  He also tells stories.  His Christmas in the Trenches is worth the 6 minutes.
Last night Helen gathered her book club (along with spouses) and we enjoyed a nice dinner ...
before attending "An Evening with David Sedaris."  If you don't know David Sedaris, he also tells stories.  Funny stories.
Helen's favorite story is "6 to 8 Black men" which you can hear (in 3 parts) here.  I really enjoyed his Airport Story in which he humorously comments on the fashion choices made by young American men and also tells of the secret code of flight attendants.  Unfortunately, I could not find it online.

It was a fun weekend of friends, music and story telling.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

John and Kim get married

John Freeman got married last night.  You remember John, the hard working middle school student who wanted help with math.  The one who Samantha tutored for YEARS.  You know ... the one who hated math soooooo much that he drew elaborate pictures of Samantha and the various and gruesome ways he hoped she would die.  Multiple arrows to the heart.  Tons of TNT on top of her head.  Samantha falling from tall buildings while he stood at the top and laughed.  Amazing things with hatchets and swords.  Yep, that John. He got married last night.
Papa Glenn captured the first dance.  
Maybe he's no math wizard, but John (Bobe) sure figured out how to catch a beautiful bride.
You did good John.

(Flashback to Thanksgiving 2008.  Kim and John are immediately in front of Samantha and Jake.)

Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was a beautiful day.  Spring had sprung and the sun was shining.  We invited friends and attended the Potwin festivities including the Egg Hunt ....
the Peep Contest ...
and the Pot Luck.
Afterwards, Helen and I walked to Nancy's where we enjoyed an Easter Dinner Feast with the Gs.
Happy Easter to all.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Andy and Donna get married!

The weekend of March 26th, 27th and 28th was amazing.  Melissa's birthday was the 26th, Andy and Donna got married on the 27th and Jake's birthday was the 28th.  Here's the deal ...

On Friday the 26th, we traveled to Springfield for Melissa's birthday.  SACII and Cheryl prepared a birthday feast complete with red cake.
Yes, we did get a group photo.
The next day Andy and Donna got married.  Dad performed the ceremony.  
Followed by dinner ....
and BIG pieces of wedding cake ...
and lots of photos ...

and some dancing too ...

and the garter belt toss.  Guess who got it?  
Check out the victory lap.

The next morning we gathered at Hemingway's Restaurant located in the Bass Pro Shop (an experience in itself) for a Birthday Brunch for Jake's 30th birthday.  There was cake and a speech ...  
and presents too.
Yep, after this much exposure to Crows, Jake is loaded for bear.
We all had a blast.  We then all headed our separate ways home.
Donna and Andy are honeymooning today in Bora Bora.
Happy birthday, wedding, birthday!