Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sewer Solution

Our sewer problems are solved!  This simple and effective solution was on our back steps this morning.

Thanks Dan and Joni for solving our sewer problems. Thanks also for the reading materials.  Gotta go.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sewer Superman .... more snow

Last night we were rescued by Sewer Superman who was able to unclog the city sewer line.  Here is Superman's phone booth from which he saved the day. 

It was just in the nick of time as today we received yet another snowfall.  

Thanks Sewer Superman.

PS.  I realize that some of my legion of readers may not be all that interested in the Crow Sewer Saga.  Sorry to bore you.  Nevertheless, the CSS has just begun as the city disclaims any responsibility for keeping the sewer line clean.  Stay tuned for the next exciting episode.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Vactor 2100 Series

Helen may have a Dyson Ball DC25, but look what I got.

Yep, its a Vactor 2100 Series sewer cleaning monster.  This baby is beautiful.  It visited our alley late Friday night to clean out the city sewer line.  The front end lowered a massive auger-type cable into the manhole and in less than 3 minutes, it traveled over 400 feet looking for a clog.  Very, very, cool!

Unfortunately, it did not find a clog and our sewer line remains plugged.  (We think they cleaned the wrong sewer line.)   Even so, the Vactor 2100 Series makes the Dyson Ball DC25 look paltry.  Eat your heart out Helen.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dyson Ball DC25

Like wow ... who knew that Helen would be so excited about a new vacuum sweeper?  Today she received her Dyson Ball DC25.  Here is one happy Donna Reed:

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Last week, Helen and I visited SRC and JRQ in Boulder.  We had a blast!  We also learned that those who live in Boulder are called Boulderites.  We were dazzled and awestruck by the style, class and location of the Boulderites' new apartment.
It is contemporary and sleek yet cozy and warm.
Located on very hip Pearl Street; it is only a few blocks from historic and funky Downtown Boulder, a mere 8 blocks from the chic and trendy Twenty Ninth Street Shops and easy walking distance to the University of Colorado campus.  Wednesday night we visited the campus to attend the CU-KU men's basketball game.
KU won, but barely.
Tony (a Denverite) joined us for the game.

Thursday night we drove to Denver and had dinner with Amanda and Britt.  Here is Uncle Sam, little Kate, Amanda and Britt.  Fun people, those Denverites.
Amanda and Helen have a very special friendship and it was fun to see them reunited.

Friday night Tony, JRQ and I enjoyed Avatar in IMAX 3D while the women-folk did, well ... whatever they did.  The movie was amazing and all 3 of us were ready to see it again.

Saturday night we went to The Boulder Theater ...
and saw the touring troop of The Second City, a 50 year old comedy group based out of Chicago. It was raucous and fun.  The last time we'd seen The Second City was in Chicago ... when SRC was only 8 years old.  No, the show is not suitable for 8 year olds.  Yes, it is well established that we are really bad parents.  

Many thanks to JRQ and SRC for letting us visit. 

For a different perspective on our visit, check the Boulderites' posting at We Be Bloggers.  Helen and I sure had fun visiting the new Boulderites and look forward to our next visit.