Saturday, September 15, 2007

Os for 57 years

Jorge helps us celebrate with the Os as they pass 57 years of marriage. Wow!

HRC visits SRC - DWC buys a HDTV

Helen goes to California to visit SRC and Dan buys a new Sony 46" flat panel HDTV. VERY COOL!!!

Jorge hits town ... August 2007

Jorge arrives from Asuncion, Paraguay to live with us and attend Washburn University as a Freshman. Shortly after his arrival, his cousin Paola, who is attending Wellesley College, also visits. After a summer of indecision, Phil decides to attend Mannheim University to study economics. The 3 college students enjoy the final days of their summer vacation in and around T-town.

The Loft Lady

Helen lists downtown lofts and becomes famous as The Loft Lady complete with a 30 foot tall banner that is hard to miss. You can check out the Lofts here.

Phil visits ... July - August 2007

Phil returns to Topeka for a month-long summer visit. It was great having him back. We buy a car (1999 Honda Civic 5-speed) for him to drive while he's here and throw him a Welcome Home Party. Lots of people love Phil and the party is a huge success. We're trying to talk him into visiting every summer.