Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Halloween - 2006

Potwin does Halloween. The Sunday before, we get a costume preview from the neighborhood kids. Nelson visits as Kansas is the half-way point on his move from California to New York. Halloween night is cold. Even so, friends stop by to help serve treats to the 1,000 or so Tricksters.

Samantha turns 26

On October 25th, Samantha celebrated her 26th birthday. Her mother sent her goodies. She spent the day in a work meeting which was surprisingly interrupted by a singing telegram delivered by an old Kansas native, Dorothy and her little dog Toto. That evening, friends gathered to play games and wish her a Happy Birthday.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Topeka High School Birthday Party - September 17, 2006

Topeka High School (the building) turned 75 years old in 2006. On September 17th, the Topeka High School Historical Society hosted an open house. Thousands of people came. Dan presided over the assembly which featured a speaker from the first entering Sophomore class of 1931.
People explored the school, ate cinnamon rolls and even waited in line to climb the Tower.
It was a nice tribute to a wonderful school and a magnificent building.

Fenty comes to Kansas - September 2006

Fenty, an exchange student from Indonesia, ends up in Topeka. Helen introduces Fenty to Laurel and Gianfranco who open their home (and their hearts) to her. Here are a couple of pictures of Fenty's 17th Birthday Party: