Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Dan gets a new dog!!!

Thanks to the generousity of the Ethiopian Crows, the Greenwood Crows have a new pet dog. Named RoboSpot, he is very well behaved. Below you will find some pictures. Don't miss the link to the video clip that shows RoboSpot in action.

To see RoboSpot in dog-like action, click here.

G & G married 58 years

Here is a picture of G & G as they celebrate their 58th Wedding Anniversary:

Samantha buys a new car !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, for the first time in her life, Samantha bought a car. Although it is not really a "new" car, it is new to her. After weeks (or was it months?) of shopping, she found a really nice Volvo with lots of cool gadgets. Here is a rainy day photo:

Click here for a 6minute video about Samantha's car.

Foreign diplomacy

AFS students from all over the world convened in Topeka for a weekend of camaraderie, sight-seeing and shopping. We hosted 4 outstanding students. Countries of origin are Italy, Thailand, New Zealand and Japan. Here is a photo:

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Christmas in Ethiopia - 2005

The day after Christmas, Sam sent this email and pictures from Ethiopia:

Hi all...

Cheryl and I ventured out of Addis on a trip to Lake Langano, about 3.5 hours south of Addis on a really excellent (yes...a truly excellent) 2 lane road. We went with Gabayehu....Cheryl's Amharic instructor... so he explained all of the neat stuff we saw along the way. He also had us
climb up an almost vertical embankment to a flat mesa that gave an awesome overlook of the
lake. I found out later that our embassy has a 17ft speed boat down there with ski's and everything that we could have used (had we known it at the time). Oh well.

This is one of the few lakes in the country where you can swim, since the mineral content is such that the waterborne diseases...common to Africa....can't survive. Unfortunately....neither can
fish, so this huge lake has no fish in it, but lots of beauty....and baboons...all around.


Baboon (center of pix) at Lake Langano, Central Ethiopia

Cheryl and Garemachu (her Amharic instructor) at Lake Langano

Cabins rent for $40 per day

The desert at the top of the mesa

View of Lake Langano from the top of the mesa

Christmas in Kansas - 2005

We had special guests this Christmas. The Vilches-Chang Family from Iquique, Chile joined us for the Holiday. Here is Helen with the entire family as they arrive at the Kansas City airport.
On our arrival in Topeka, snow is touched and a snowman is built.

Old friendships are rekindled .....

Christmas Carols are sung ....

Tables are set, food is consumed and group photos are taken ...

some traditional pictures are taken too ....

While we miss Sam and Cheryl, we are thankful for Google Talk ....