Saturday, December 17, 2005

More pictures from Addis Ababa

Yep, more pictures from SACII and Cheryl. Here are some that give us a feel for this large Ethiopian city. The first picture is of the China Friendship Road:

The next one shows construction scaffolding. Yikes !!!

Here are a couple of street scenes. Apparently the vans are taxi cabs commonly known as blue donkeys.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Andy heads to Colorado ....

We had a nice breakfast with Andy as he headed to Fort Carson, Colorado. His GPS was working fine and his car was fully packed and ready for the trip. However, after getting gasoline, poor Andy became subjected to an interrogation from his Uncle. It was soon discovered that Andy was making the 500+ mile road trip with only $4 in his pocket. (It is not known whether that counts the "good luck" $2 bill provided by Granddad at breakfast.) Faced with the options of either taking cash from his Uncle or getting some $$$$ from the ATM machine, poor Andy relented and went to the ATM. It is unknown how much he got. If he is anything like his cousin Samantha, he probably got $20. Oh my ... kids these days!!!! Here is a picture as Andy leaves Topeka.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Pictures from SACII and Cheryl

Check out the great pictures received from SACII and Cheryl. December flowers? Like Wow. Life is hard.

Not only do they enjoy a beautiful house and garden, they also have people to tend the garden and do the cooking. Let's ALL go visit!!!!

Check out Biraham as she makes a birthday cake for Sam. Happy Birthday Sam!!!