Saturday, December 17, 2005

More pictures from Addis Ababa

Yep, more pictures from SACII and Cheryl. Here are some that give us a feel for this large Ethiopian city. The first picture is of the China Friendship Road:

The next one shows construction scaffolding. Yikes !!!

Here are a couple of street scenes. Apparently the vans are taxi cabs commonly known as blue donkeys.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Andy heads to Colorado ....

We had a nice breakfast with Andy as he headed to Fort Carson, Colorado. His GPS was working fine and his car was fully packed and ready for the trip. However, after getting gasoline, poor Andy became subjected to an interrogation from his Uncle. It was soon discovered that Andy was making the 500+ mile road trip with only $4 in his pocket. (It is not known whether that counts the "good luck" $2 bill provided by Granddad at breakfast.) Faced with the options of either taking cash from his Uncle or getting some $$$$ from the ATM machine, poor Andy relented and went to the ATM. It is unknown how much he got. If he is anything like his cousin Samantha, he probably got $20. Oh my ... kids these days!!!! Here is a picture as Andy leaves Topeka.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Pictures from SACII and Cheryl

Check out the great pictures received from SACII and Cheryl. December flowers? Like Wow. Life is hard.

Not only do they enjoy a beautiful house and garden, they also have people to tend the garden and do the cooking. Let's ALL go visit!!!!

Check out Biraham as she makes a birthday cake for Sam. Happy Birthday Sam!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Thanksgiving in Kansas

Thanksgiving is quickly becoming my favorite Holiday. Lots of food. Lots of friends. Lots (although not enough) of family. Leisure times. Fun times. Relaxed times.
This year, SRC came home and brought two friends. One of her co-workers, Nelson, came from San Francisco for his first Kansas visit. A former college roommate of SRC's came from Boston via Greece. They joined us at the Gs as we celebrated Nancy's birthday. Granny got Nancy a really cool, and ultra patriotic, Birthday cake. Nancy's Birthday Lunch marked the beginning of multiple days of feasting. We had a second Birthday cake that night at our house after our traditional (albeit catered) Thanksgiving dinner. Unfortunatly, not all family members could attend. Even so, we had friends from far and wide. We had old friends from the neighborhood and new friends from Pakistan. It was fun. A good time was had by all. We hope that wherever you are, your Thanksgiving Holiday was full of love and friendship.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Bukom Cafe ......

Check out the website for this interesting West African Cafe in the Adams-Morgan section of Washington DC. Helen and I had a very interesting dinner there last Friday night. We enjoyed the Egusi (goat with spinach) and the African Curried Chicken over rice. Even though they jiggled like jello and looked like mashed potatoes, I wasn't too wild about the plantains. Unfortunately, we missed out on the fufu, the kenkey and the oxtail stew. Maybe next time. Be sure to check out their menu.

As we headed back to the hotel, I couldn't resist this artistic shot of the Metro ceiling:

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Another DC photo .........

When visiting Washington DC, it was irresistible to take some classic touristy pictures. Here is one of the Washington Monument taken from the "I Have a Dream" spot located on the top step of the Lincoln Memorial. It is an incredible view and worth posting.

A Blog is born .............

Today, November 15, 2005, a new Blog is born. Known simply as "The World of Crow" it is designed to allow family and friends from all over the world to stay in touch. They will be able to share thoughts, argue politics, exchange jokes and even post photographs. I hope people will check the Blog often so they can keep in touch.

As a first entry, here is a photograph of me and my lovely wife Helen as we visited Washington DC on Veteran's Day 2005 .........

Veterans were everywhere. Helen eavesdropped as stories were told and memories were tearfully (and joyfully) recalled. I took pictures of people, monuments and sky. We also got to see SACII, Cheryl, Andy and Melissa. Here is a picture of them at the Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum:

We look forward to seeing a whole gob of people at Thanksgiving. Hope you're one of them!